Monday, September 28, 2009

Chapter 2

The journey following Whoop Dee Doo in Europe was transcendental and reformative. Bob and I explored some of the most touristic cities of Europe, Rome and Amsterdam, exquisite in their history and architecture, but much more impactful were our moments of seclusion in the wilderness, namely Corsica and Cinque Terre. Because we shared our experiences as one entity and will continue to do so in our adventure out west, we have started a blog together which will chronicle our adventures, past and present.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Days of Berlin

For our last night in Belin, Whoop Dee Doo and friends visited Teufelsberg, an abandoned spy station used by the Allies up until the time the Berlin Wall came down, and shared our last meal at Pri Maria, a small Bulgarian restaurant in Fredrichshain. Both were amazing. So was the train ride home, where the girls all sang at the top of their lungs and charmed all of our fellow passengars. Read about the spy station here: (rumor has it David Lynch tried to buy it...)

Bob and I also visited the Pergamon art museum, viewing historically important pieces such as the Babylonian gates and the statues of the gods from the Pergamon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ich liebe Berlin!

I love is incredible! The whole Whoop Dee Doo crew came here from Malmö to see our friend Peggy Noland, who opened a self-titled clothing shop in Berlin's hip Fredrichshain neighborhood this summer. Peggy is the most amazing host. She has taken us to see and do such a wide variety of things...I highly recommend her as your tour guide!

Saturday we ate the most delicious food I have ever tasted at a Bulgarian restaurant around the corner from her shop. We ordered several rounds of food at our table because we couldn't get enough. Sunday was Peggy's birthday and we got up at 5am to go dancing at an "underground" all weekend rave in a 3 story club housed in the front portion of a functioning power plant. Apparently 7am on a Sunday morning is the hippest time to go. Who knew? No cameras allowed of course. All I can say is Berliners sure know how to party!

We spent the day Sunday in Mauer Park where they have a flea market and tons of people gather to play music and hang-out. The most popular thing to do is watch Bear Pit Karaoke. 2,000 people or so gather around to watch karaoke. It was strange how into the performances the crowd was, even if the performers were bad. It was entertaining, and Jaimie Warren from Whoop Dee Doo got up and sang "Man in the Mirror."

Monday we went on a free walking tour run by New Europe, and I fell in love with Berlin even more. This city's history is so intense; I am amazed that it is such a vibrant and bustling city now, considering their past.

Compared to Sweden, Berlin has a lot of character and flair. Yes, parts of it may seem a bit gritty, but that just adds to the color and excitement of the place.

Today is our last day here, so I've got to get going to see all that I can!

Malmö Part 2

It's come to my attention that I've fallen behind in blogging. It's quite hard to sit in front of a computer when there is so much to see outdoors. I'll make these brief but will provide an update.

Our final Whoop Dee Doo show in Malmö was Friday August 21. The show started off something like this: opening dance followed by a Sundae Face Off contest where contestants had to decorate their faces with sundae toppings, then scrape the contents of their face onto a bowl of ice cream and eat the whole thing. The first one done was pronounced winner, and as a prize got to dress in a wedding gown and have Matt, our werewolf-like host, sing a love song to them (recreation of a scene from Full House when Uncle Jesse sings to Rebecca during their wedding). I was a choir member that came out and sang back-up during this skit dressed in a robe but with clown face make-up. It was insanely absurd and funny. We also featured other random skits and performers including a south american dance troupe and a death metal Swedish band. Here are some final photos from Malmö.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


Rose Sculpture @ Folkets Park
Altar @ St. Petri

Roof of art studio (looking towards ship factory)

View from roof onto back patio of apartment

Finally, I am getting around to posting some photos from my trip. Malmo is a beautiful small city. Predictably in Sweden, blue-eyed blondes, bicycles, and baked goods are in abundance. The city is very clean and Swedes are well behaved, even at rock concerts. Less predictably, we've found this place to be covered with lady bugs, a biting version, and you can hardly walk down the sidewalk without crunching two or three. I am also surprised by the number of Swedes with long dreadlocks...not what I had expected.

Whoop Dee Doo made the cover of the arts section in the local paper on Saturday. We had a good turn out to our first show and have 3 more to go this week. As guests/performers of the Malmo Festivalen, we get special VIP treatment, which is a unique experience.

Today we took a break from WDD and took a train over to Copenhagen. We rented bikes and rode all over town. I hadn't been back since 2002 when I studied there and although I had forgotten many specifics, I was somehow able to navigate throughout the city and take us by all of the hot spots. It was so fun to be back. I forgot both how beautiful and how urban Copenhagen is.

I'll post more photos soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've made it to Sweden and am suffering from JETLAG. We walked around town today exploring thrift stores looking for costumes, but I didn't find anything worth my money. I don't really have room or the strength to add anything else to my pack, and the dollar isn't worth much in exchange for what you can get.

I've yet to get camera happy...maybe after I catch some zzz's.