Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ich liebe Berlin!

I love Berlin...it is incredible! The whole Whoop Dee Doo crew came here from Malmö to see our friend Peggy Noland, who opened a self-titled clothing shop in Berlin's hip Fredrichshain neighborhood this summer. Peggy is the most amazing host. She has taken us to see and do such a wide variety of things...I highly recommend her as your tour guide!

Saturday we ate the most delicious food I have ever tasted at a Bulgarian restaurant around the corner from her shop. We ordered several rounds of food at our table because we couldn't get enough. Sunday was Peggy's birthday and we got up at 5am to go dancing at an "underground" all weekend rave in a 3 story club housed in the front portion of a functioning power plant. Apparently 7am on a Sunday morning is the hippest time to go. Who knew? No cameras allowed of course. All I can say is Berliners sure know how to party!

We spent the day Sunday in Mauer Park where they have a flea market and tons of people gather to play music and hang-out. The most popular thing to do is watch Bear Pit Karaoke. 2,000 people or so gather around to watch karaoke. It was strange how into the performances the crowd was, even if the performers were bad. It was entertaining, and Jaimie Warren from Whoop Dee Doo got up and sang "Man in the Mirror."

Monday we went on a free walking tour run by New Europe, and I fell in love with Berlin even more. This city's history is so intense; I am amazed that it is such a vibrant and bustling city now, considering their past.

Compared to Sweden, Berlin has a lot of character and flair. Yes, parts of it may seem a bit gritty, but that just adds to the color and excitement of the place.

Today is our last day here, so I've got to get going to see all that I can!

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  1. Your trip sounds amazing. I wish I could have been there, but its fun to at least be a fly on your wall. Love you!