Monday, August 17, 2009


Rose Sculpture @ Folkets Park
Altar @ St. Petri

Roof of art studio (looking towards ship factory)

View from roof onto back patio of apartment

Finally, I am getting around to posting some photos from my trip. Malmo is a beautiful small city. Predictably in Sweden, blue-eyed blondes, bicycles, and baked goods are in abundance. The city is very clean and Swedes are well behaved, even at rock concerts. Less predictably, we've found this place to be covered with lady bugs, a biting version, and you can hardly walk down the sidewalk without crunching two or three. I am also surprised by the number of Swedes with long dreadlocks...not what I had expected.

Whoop Dee Doo made the cover of the arts section in the local paper on Saturday. We had a good turn out to our first show and have 3 more to go this week. As guests/performers of the Malmo Festivalen, we get special VIP treatment, which is a unique experience.

Today we took a break from WDD and took a train over to Copenhagen. We rented bikes and rode all over town. I hadn't been back since 2002 when I studied there and although I had forgotten many specifics, I was somehow able to navigate throughout the city and take us by all of the hot spots. It was so fun to be back. I forgot both how beautiful and how urban Copenhagen is.

I'll post more photos soon.

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